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7 Reasons Why all men should grow a Mustache

The Mustache has always been a part of debate for more than a decade. While some guys love experimenting with their mustache, others like to keep it clean-cut. For some people, growing a mustache is about looking sexy whereas for some it’s a matter of honor. Though the reason behind growing mustache may vary from individual to individual, but those who has not grown it yet should definitely consider below reasons to grow Mustache.

1. It enhances your sex appeal

I am sure many of you guys will find this particular factor good enough to grow a mustache. But yes, it’s true. Many researches and studies on facial hair has also revealed that women prefer men with good masculine features and light facial hair. They like men with stylish and trimmed mustache.

2. Reduce Wrinkles

Beards and Mustaches are the best way to protect your face from harmful UV radiation. According to a study published in the journal of Radiation Protection Dosimetry, beards and mustaches actually help you block the UV radiation of Sun from reaching your face which prevents wrinkles and sunburn.

3. Decrease the risk of Cancer

This may sound rubbish to you, but Mustache can actually benefit your health and also reduces your risk of getting Skin Cancer as it protects your face from harmful UV radiation which is one of the main factors that cause Skin Cancer. But how much it protects your face from UV rays totally depends on the length of your hair.

4. It increases your chance of getting dates

Mustaches are always popular for making men look sexy and stylish. Men with mustaches also look far more reliable and trustworthy than the men who don’t, which makes men with mustaches quite popular among girls. This is also the reason why guys with mustaches get more dates and attention of girls.

5. Help you stand out from the crowd

Keeping mustache can help you in so many ways that you have never imagined before. It does not only enhance your overall personality, but can also make you stand out from the crowd. No matter where you are, your stylish mustache will surely make you look apart from the crowd. Not only personal life, but it can also help you get some amazing deals in your business meets too due to the powerful visual impact you’ll leave on others.

6. Save money on Lip balm

I am sure not many of you have given a thought to it, but your beard and mustache can help you save quite a lot on face products. It also protects your skin and lips in winters from wind burn and chapping of lips.

7. Can make you popular

If you really have a stylish and funky mustache, then chances are high that people will remember you more and you’ll get all the limelight and attention wherever you go. Isn’t that amazing? So go ahead an grow a beard and make people go crazy over your mustache.

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