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Side effects of drinking too much Green Tea

Whenever we hear the term, "Green Tea", the thing that first comes in our mind is the health benefits that it offers. In fact, many of us has also included this wonderful beverage to our daily life as it provides tremendous benefits to our body and also help us lose unwanted weight. But do you know you can actually create problems for your health by drinking too much Green Tea. Yes, that’s true, drinking too much green tea can cause you dangerous side effects and can deteriorate your health terribly.

Here are some of the downsides of drinking too much green tea and why should you too limit your intake of Green tea.

1. It is overloaded with Caffeine

Just like coffee and tea, Green tea is also overloaded with caffeine and can cause you health problems like anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate, restlessness and many more. It is also important to understand that when you drink too much Green tea regularly, your body get dependent on caffeine, and when it doesn’t get that amount of caffeine, it shows symptoms like irritability, headaches as well as drowsiness. So it is advisable to limit your intake of Green tea to only 2-3 cups per day.

2. Can weaken your bones

This may sound shocking to you, but many researches and studies have shown that too much intake of Green tea can weaken your bones and can cause you a critical bone problem like Osteoporosis. The reason it can make your bones weak is that it increases the amount of calcium flushed out through the urine which makes your body calcium deficient.

3. Can damage your liver

The reason it can damage your liver is the type of Polyphenol it contains, also known as Catechins. Though they act like an antioxidant and can benefit our health, but nothing in excess is good for our health and so is antioxidants. They mainly disturb your metabolism and makes your body weak, your energy levels become low and you end up suffering from several illnesses like jaundice, in severe cases liver failure and Hepatitis.

4. Harmful for Pregnant and Lactating Women

As for any women, this is the most crucial and critical days of her life, it is better to be safe than sorry. Over consumption of green tea can cause you problems like miscarriages and complications in delivery. It can also affect the health of your child. So it is better to avoid drinking Green tea at this period of time. Even if you want to, make sure that you don’t drink more than two cups in a day

5. Lower Testosterone levels

In a study conducted in Brazil, it was found that excessive consumption of Green tea can reduce the amount of testosterone hormone in rodents. Same study has also revealed that by reducing the intake of Green tea will give reverse effects. Other studies have also revealed that too much Green tea can affect the functionality of the male reproduction system.

6. Can cause Iron deficiency

As we all know that tea contains a large amount of antioxidants, also called as Flavonoids that are highly beneficial for our health in many ways. But when these Flavonoids comes in contact with iron that we consume from fruits, vegetables and beans, it prevents your body from absorbing it. For the same reason, It is also suggested to avoid drinking green tea during your meal times. To reduce the iron binding effect of green tea, you can add some lemon juice to it before drinking. So keep all these things in mind and stay safe and healthy by avoiding drinking too much green tea.

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