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How To Choose And Maintain Contact Lenses

Choosing and maintaining contact lenses is an important part of using them. You need to follow a few pointers in order to do it well.

1. See a specialist before shifting from normal glasses to contact lenses

It is very important to consult an eye specialist before you start wearing lenses to know that whether your eyes would be comfortable with lenses or not. After that, you must choose the right lenses for your eyes by considering different factors. You must not be negligible in this regard because it is a very sensitive matter, the matter of your eyes! The different factors to be taken into consideration before buying the contact lenses of the right choice include the refractive error of your eyes, the level of tolerance of your eyes to wear the lenses, your willingness to take care of the lenses properly, etc.

2. Know when to change/take off your lenses

You should know it in advance that how much time will you wear the lenses each day and whether you would use them on daily basis or just on some specific days or occasions. Most of the people wear the lenses according to the ease of their eyes and if they feel irritation in their eyes then they put them off. There are some special kinds of contact lenses that are permeable for rigid gas; they are required to be worn on regularly if you want your eyes to become comfortable with them. These types of lenses mostly take some time to let your eyes get used to them in the beginning; however, often times they provide a comparatively sharper vision as compared to the other contact lenses that are soft enough to provide comfort to your eyes. If you are a user of soft contact lenses but you are not really satisfied with your eyesight clarity then you must consider using the GP lenses.

3. Be careful

You must use the contact lenses with great care because otherwise there would be chances that you get some serious eye infections. To avoid such serious problems that can be aroused by using the contact lenses, you must choose the right lens solution that is recommended by the doctor for you. Even of it is a bit expensive, just go for it because after all it is the matter of your eyes.

4. Try disposable contact lenses

Nowadays there are available disposable lenses and they have decreased risks of getting eye infections; but, instead of all this, there is still a need for taking a lot of care of your eyes to keep them healthy when you start wearing the lenses. If you find it difficult to clean and disinfect the lenses on daily basis, then you must start using the disposable lens that you can dispose of daily and there is no need for disinfecting them at all. These types of lenses are quite soft and they can be discarded easily after you use them once and then you are supposed to use a new pair of those lenses on the next day.

5. Other types of contact lenses

There are some of the contact lenses that allow you to keep wearing overnight even when you go to sleep while wearing them. These are some special kinds of contact lenses and they allow a specific amount of oxygen to have the ability for passing through them. Make sure that if you go for such lenses, they are supposed to be approved by FDA to be suitable to be worn overnight.

However, it is not really a good practice to keep on wearing the contact lenses for a long time and you should try to remove them before going to sleep. If you want the lenses to stay in your eyes even when you sleep then you must ask your eye specialist to evaluate the level of tolerance of your eyes in order to withstand the lenses in a safe zone.

If you want to maintain your contact lenses well and want your eyes to remain comfortable with your practice of wearing lenses, then you must follow some of the tips.

Regular cleaning of the contact lenses
Seeking advice from some professional to use the lenses carefully
Keep the nails of your fingers short so that they do not damage the lenses
Use a proper case to keep the lenses and replace the cases after a specified period of time
Using good quality and fresh solutions to clean the lenses
Acting in accordance with the prescription provided by your eye specialist
Don’t go close to heat or fire while wearing the lenses at all
Avoid swimming while having lenses in your eyes
Visit the eye specialist on regular basis for the proper functioning of your eyes
Keep checking that the contact lenses do not create any harm to your eyes.

All these things must be kept in your mind when you decide to start using contact lenses until you become a regular user of lenses. You must not neglect even a single small thing that is important for your eyesight, so you must remain conscious.
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