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10 Time Saving Makeup Tips For Super Busy Working Girls

Modern women have a plethora of responsibilities on their tender shoulders. It is definitely not easy to handle both home and office and yet manage to look picture perfect throughout the day. Working girls hardly get any time in the morning to spend time in front of the mirror. They always wish for some miracle to happen which can make them look beautiful in time for work. Every working girl dreams of a full blown makeup session that is unfortunately an unaffordable luxury for them because of their busy schedule.

According to an old saying, "If you need to get something done, it’s better to ask a busy person". The same applies to beauty routine. Career girls are the epitome of busy life who keep on juggling with their life responsibilities while making efforts to look fabulous. Are you too facing same stress? If yes, then here are the 10 makeup tips that will minimize your beauty routine in morning without compromising on a gorgeous end result.

1. Get organized

First and the foremost step to fast morning makeup is to clear all clutter. Throw away all the old brushes, empty bottles and makeup that you don’t use to keep the makeup box tidy, clean and well managed. It will save tons of precious time and will also help you to maintain the level of sanity. And trust me, after cleaning all the mess, you’ll automatically feel fresh and relaxed.

2. Layout makeup, the night before

Cleanse the face using extra-gentle gel that removes the dead cells, impurities and makeup without stripping out the moisturizer. An added treat of facial oil will be like a nourishment feast for the skin. So make sure you nourish your skin well before going to bed.

3. Detangle in shower

Detangling hair is something that every girl hates to do, especially when they are getting late for office. Running a wide toothed comb in hair while applying conditioner in the shower, is quite effective in avoiding tangles. So next time you shampoo your hair, keep this small tip in mind to keep your hair tangle free.

4. A perfect five minute face

As busy girls cannot afford to spend enough time on makeup, so learning a five minute face makeup is something very important for them. It usually includes mascara, face powder, blush, lip gloss and a touch of concealer.

5. Fuller Kiss me Lips

A sexy, fuller lip is truly an add-on to beautiful personality of a girl. One can add a few drops of peppermint oil to the lip balm that helps in making lips look plumper. A quick makeup tip to acquire a smart office is lipstick. Many artists always recommend matte or nude shades that perfectly goes with office etiquettes of using minimal makeup. It is better to avoid bold shades like earth, beige, red and taupe.

6. Chip-Proof Nail

Stained nails are something that no one likes. Applying baking soda is quite helpful in removing the stains. It’s wise to apply glitter over nail polish to avoid removal of nail paint chips. Glitter will not just offer a chic look but will also reduce the worry of coating the nail again and again when the nail grows.

7. For beautiful curls

Using a curler every morning is absolutely a tedious and time consuming job. It’s better to wash hair at night and tied it in a braid when it is still wet. When you will open it in the morning, all what you have is beautiful bouncy curls that will offer you a perfect ‘Beachy’ look in the office. Spray hair spray on your hair that will help you to keep your hair in place and will make you look gorgeous through the day.

8. Invest in concealer

Makeup can do wonders if the person makes the selection of the right accessories. Concealers are always in the short list of every girl. It’s undoubtedly their best friend since college days. It’s really not possible for a career oriented girl to sit with cucumber slice over their eyes. Therefore, concealer serves as a quick solution to hide the dark circles and makes you look flawless.

9. Use SPF moisturizer

SPF moisturizer is something that you should never ignore. The girls who are working spend a good time in travelling. Their skin gets exposed to the sun and is more prone to some serious sun tan. Choosing a moisturizer that has SPF will nourish your skin and will make it soft and smooth whereas the SPF will protect your skin from harmful radiations of the sun.

10. Multipurpose product is what you need

It’s always advisable to look for products that can be used for more than one job that not just saves your time but also help you from going out of budget. For instance, tinted moisturizer can be used to double up foundation, mascara can be a perfect eyebrow gel and lipstick can offer you a perfect blush.

Makeup makes you look beautiful and feel confident. While at work, it’s very important to wear makeup smartly. Heavy makeup is a big “No”. So to avoid all the embarrassment, must follow the above mentioned easy to use tricks to look amazingly gorgeous at your workplace without putting much efforts.

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